Vadim Demedes

I enjoy creating apps and open source projects. I suck at marketing so you probably never heard of them, but you can check them out below.

I'm @vadimdemedes on Twitter and GitHub. You can also email me.


  • Linkjar — Read-it-later app for reading without internet.
  • Dense Discovery Respond — Conversations between Dense Discovery readers and newsletter guests.
  • Confectionery — Browser for taking perfect website screenshots.
  • ThemeMirror — Beautiful themes for CodeMirror.
  • Reviewbunny — Daily reminders for pull request reviews.
  • Rosefinch — Postman for SQL databases.
  • Lotus — Manage GitHub notifications.
  • Daft Punk Cafe — Radio and games for Daft Punk fans.
  • Pulse — Plausible Analytics in the menubar.
  • Dense Discovery Index — Catalog of content from Dense Discovery newsletter.
  • Ink — Use React to create CLI apps.